Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reflecting on standards, assessment, evaluation, and "GRADES"

As I think about evaluation & assessment in a redesigned curriculum for education majors, I am back to reflecting on what elementary teachers should KNOW and be able to DO. What makes a teacher effective in promoting and facilitating learning among his/her students?

What preparation (college courses or other) do you think will influence your teaching? If you are already teaching, what has made an impact in your experience?

During a late night or early morning grading frenzy at the end of a semester I stopped recording for a little while and blogged about GRADES. Check it out...I'm still pondering these questions as well.

What do you think?

Blogging Inspiration

I have been inspired to revisit my commitment to blogging by a colleague, John Strange. John and I have recently been assigned to a technology committee exploring possibilities for authentic utilization of technology in a redesigned curriculum for future teachers.

John shares all of his educational technology class assignments and resources through his EDM 310 Class Blog which is worth exploring. The use of various technologies for communication among college students, elementary students, and teachers around the world is a great model for 21st Century life-long learners.