Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Art Education and Social Justice

What does the 2010 NAEA convention theme, "Art Education and Social Justice" mean and why was it selected?


Anonymous said...

In a time where our country is facing so much confusion over what is advancing us and what is holding us back...And at a time where there is so much talk and confusion about race, religion, etc...I never even once thought about the arts being a tool to help unite us together as not just a society, but as a country! Until reading this post, and the quotes in it, I never really thought about the arts being a way for not only new ideas and ways to be expressed, but the arts can also be the "one thing" that can allow for people to come together as a whole! Knowing that our country is one that is constantly on the move, constantly advancing and searching for new ideas, etc., we face the fact that there will always be new reason for contreversy too. If the arts can be the tie that can bring people together despite our race, our religion, our political views, etc., then why are we shutting Art Education out of so many schools? Again, I never gave much thought to the arts having a chance at being a solution to such a huge problem that we, even as a country, face! As future teachers, we should all push more than ever for the arts to FIND A WAY into every school, every classroom, every subject!!!
Jamie McKeough Sec 102

mckinnellkellyedm310 said...

I think that art is a great way to unite people throughout the world! Though we all come from diferent beliefs and backgrounds, art is one thing that can unite us all!

Kelly McKinnell
AED 301

Dina Tillman said...

I like how it questions "difference as being divisive" and embraces "more possibilities". With art, there are so many variations to what can be called art like glass work, paintings, furniture, sculpture... There are so many different art works, but they are all art. The same with people. There are so many different people, but they are all people. I like how NAEA recognized the shift in our demographic as a nation and presented that in a positive way through the convention.

Anonymous said...

I think the title is fitting, as well. In the past year, especially, there have been alot of historical shifts in race and politics in general. Many of the issues confronting this country today are similar to the issues that have been confronting this country for the past several hundred years. Unfortunately, we have not learned from history, and are no closer to accepting each others differences or diversities. Social injustices are all around us, and in other countries. The Arts are critical for freedom of expression, and others rights to choose. I love the Arts even though there maybe art pieces that I don't particularly care for. I believe The Arts can bring awareness and acceptance to people and it is a vital part of who we are as individuals and as a society. I also believe that art should be incorporated into every subject and people in general should be motivated to create!

Whitney Bizjak said...

I like the conventions theme, it pursues the diveresity in art and challenges the possibilities within the art classroom. Being said I think that the title fits it perfectly, art is a great way to bring people of all races together. The theme is appropriate to our time for the fact that diversity is slowly but surely comming into our judicial system.

Whitney Bizjak
AED 301

Anonymous said...

I think that this title not only celebrates the diversity of America, but show us that art is a way to connect everyone from everywhere. We all play a part in creating beautiful works of art. Human life is an art form in itself, so therefore anything that our minds create is a work of art. We need to celebrate art as a diverse part of this world - because it is!

Rebekah Lloyd

Anonymous said...

I also agree that art is a great way to unite the world. Otherwise I would not know anything a the foreign artists whom In my opinion are the greatest artists in the world.

Lynne L. Williams