Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Puppetry in the Elementary School

"Inanimate objects brought to life through manipulation to convey a story."

We explored the multiple types of puppets including: rod, hand, marionette, and shadow. 

As a preservice teacher and student in EDU 301 you are required to:
  • Decide on a puppet you will create and how you will use it to teach a concept or tell a story
  • Identify a resource such as a book, site, or become your own playwright
  • Construct your puppet and any backdropsscenery, and/or props
  • Work individually or with a group to create a puppet show incorporating music, theatre, and visual arts to teach and/or entertain
  • You will be required to video the 2-to-3 minute performance in class on an assigned date; be sure you are prepared BEFORE you attend class to video record:
    • All puppets should be created prior to this date
    • All background scenery and staging should be created
    • The performance should be rehearsed; this is NOT improvisation (know your scriptarticulate and enunciate the dialogue; practice the gesturing of your puppets)
    • ALCOS standards from Theatre and Visual Arts should be identified
      Shadow Puppetry resources: http://theteachingpalette.com/2013/03/29/guest-post-shadow-puppet/

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