Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Collective Nouns in Positive and Negative Space

Just "Google" Collective Nouns and you will discover an assortment of lists with entertaining descriptors of groups of animals.

Wikipedia and Fun with Words are good places to start:

This art activity may be integrated with math science and/or language arts.
MATH: The number of positive and negative shapes in various colors may be added, subtracted, multiplied and identified.
SCIENCE: Animal groups such as mammals, insects, and/or sea life, may be the focus of your study.
LANGUAGE ARTS: The group of animals may go on a creative adventure which can be communicated through a short story or poem as well as through the art.

The only materials needed are paper, index cards, scissors, and oil pastels.

1. Trace the contour lines of an animal on a 5 X 8 index card.
2. Cut the animal shape out carefully. You will use both the negative and positive shapes you cut as stencils.
3. Place the negative or positive stencil on your paper and trace with and an oil pastel.
4. Holding your stencil firmly in place to create a clean contour line, smudge the pastel color inward with the negative space stencil and outward with the positive space stencil.
5. Repeat with various placements of stencils and colors of choice to create the composition you desire.
6. Title your art with the collective noun description.

Lauren Macon's "Jingle of Deer"

The Collective Noun Art of EDU 301 Fall 2012

The Collective Noun Art of EDU 301 Fall 2012

Victoria Kaplan's "Ostentation of Peacocks"

The Collective Noun Art of EDU 301 Fall 2012

Jessica Sander's Tide of Elephants

Haleigh Respess' "Bale of Turtles"

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