Wednesday, January 23, 2013

stem to steAm


Chris Todd said...

The stem to steAm video was interesting, and informative. I hadn't thought of things from that perspective until recently watched a video with Sir Ken Robinson. (which I noticed you had a video clip from) In the video I watched he spoke of creative people being the innovators of our future. I think this is all true. We must, must, must, encourage creativity in our children. We have to teach them to think outside the box or "color outside the lines" as it may be. Because as one gentleman in the video pointed out in order to be innovative you must be creative. That was the most powerful statement in the entire clip.

Paige Vitulli said...

Amen to the creativity advocacy Chris!

Jessica Strickland said...

The STEM to STEAM idea is truly what are country should have been striving several years ago. Innovation and creativity is the foundation of everything. We have taken something so important in our lives and future out of our education system. Many times in school I was told we took certain classes to become well-rounded students. How can we be well-rounded if the Arts are not a focus of schools? The Arts teach children to be open-minded, think individually, think critically, and more. I believe this video contained great points and "food-for-thought". Thank you for posting this! I am on the path to become a math teacher and I want to know how to incorporate creativity, "right-brained" activities into my math curriculum. Now I do not feel so odd wanting to do this. Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you,
Kameron S.