Sunday, February 8, 2009


I'm thinking about the differences between online and traditional classes these days. I teach both...more to come.


Eddie Shaw said...

This is something that I have become much more interested in. I feel like the short, fat child looking into the bakery and saying "I want to be a baker when I grow out/up?" It is easy to say, I wanna do it but where do you start, how can I do it, and what impact will it make. If we are truly lifelong learners, then the challenge never ends. I am still trying to get into the bakery.
Eddie Shaw

Paige V. Baggett said...

Oh I think you are already exploring the technology. I think an important question is the one you raised: "what impact will it make?" Once in the bakery we have to decide on cakes, or cupcakes, or cookies!