Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Learning to Change ~ Changing to Learn

So rather than JUST memorizing INFORMATION, can you "FIND it, VALIDATE it, SYNTHESIZE it, COMMUNICATE it, COLLABORATE with it, PROBLEM SOLVE with it?" Do YOU have a 21st Century set of Literacies? Do YOU facilitate learning these literacies?

Does technology make it "A GREAT PLACE FOR LEARNING?" Is the space asynchronous, not adversary, not pressured? Can you "reflect, retract, research, repeat?"

What do YOU think?


Greg said...

thanks for the comment, I like your blog too!

Eddie Shaw said...

I think technology can allow one to express in words what someone may be afraid to say face to face. Is that always good? The next time you ride mass transit, walk with folks in a park, or observe folks in the library, are they expressing themselves by listening to their np3 or ipod players? Has this changed the way we learn or more importantly, the way we express our learning/knowledge? When you learn, do you need to express this learning to someone else? How as teachers do we read the 'expressions' and determine learning? Is this expression part of the reflection process advocated by so many?