Monday, June 21, 2010

Crayon Beats Calculator - Creativity As The Insurance CEO's Answer To Growing Complexity

“The effects of rising complexity call for CEOs and their teams to lead with bold creativity, to connect with customers in imaginative ways and redesign operations for speed and flexibility.”

Who ya gonna call? Art teachers?
IBM study...1541CEO's...creativity is believed to rank above rigor, management discipline, integrity and vision in a company’s ability to remain ahead.
Creativity is Like Porn?
Now that I have your attention, "Creativity is something that many consider hard to define, but you know it when you see it."
Innovation = Creativity on Speed
"Creativity should not be thought of as a random event. While some see creative people as lacking discipline and rigor, if a viable product, service or model is the outcome, this characterization does not hold up. The most creative people operate iteratively versus once and done."

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Tyler Tuveson said...

Hi, Dr. Baggett!

Your post reminded me of a video we were assigned to watch and post about on creativity. The link to the video is here . My thoughts on the video are in my first post under The Importance of Creativity.

I've always loved taking art classes and while I don't feel completely uncreative, I think there is always room for more creativity. I agree that creative people are sometimes seen as unorganized and lacking discipline. However, I think this is a sad misconception.

I've heard teachers talk about the importance of creativity in the classroom. And I understand that some teachers may think that there isn't room for creativity in every subject. It may be hard to let your students be creative in math or social studies but, if they don't have the chance to express creativity, then how will they ever continue to become more creative?