Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ricky Trione, Blind Artist: Character Education

Learn more about Ricky at the following link:
Ricky Trione, Blind Artist: Character Education
My amazing friend, Ricky Trione, painted "Paige's Sunflowers" to represent my two daughters and me. This is a beautiful gift from a truly inspirational man which I will always cherish.


Tyler Tuveson said...

One of my favorite parts of your class was when Mr. Trione came to visit! I hope you are able to continue having him come talk to classes. It was also really neat to see him talk to the first graders that came to hear him too!!

Your gift from Mr. Trione is so beautiful! I'm jealous!

Paige V. Baggett said...

That was one of my favorite visits Tyler! You were so fortunate to see him interact with the students :-) I agree, the gift is beautiful!

Ashley Phillips said...

That is amazing to me! I can feel the emotion coming through the picture. What an amazing story of Mr. Trione, and hopefully I will have the pleasure of seeing some more of his work!