Monday, September 13, 2010

STUDENT-STATUS DEALS: You Should Take Advantage and Start with the Mobile Symphony Orchestra
How many reduced admissions and deals did I pass up as a student because I didn't know or take the time to take of advantage of them? Let me count the ways...

After reading "Symphony kickoff: Music holds its own against football" in the Sunday Press-Register, I was inspired to "Google" the Mobile Symphony Orchestra (MSO) to check out the 2010-2011 Symphony Season.  As I considered purchasing the $45 - $55 dollar tickets to Motown's Greatest Hits, I was thinking about the arts field experiences I require of my students and wished the option for experiencing the Symphony was a little more accessible.

After a little more surfing the site...I found the mother of all deals!!! (I'm thinking about becoming a student again myself!)

College STUDENTS can attend the symphony for $8.00...I repeat EIGHT DOLLARS! (See #14 under FAQ: "14. College student tickets are $8 on Saturdays and Sundays with a valid student ID. You must reserve tickets by phone or in person. Student tickets are not available online. "

K-12 Students can attend selected Sunday matinee productions through the BIG RED TICKET program FREE!

So before YOU read this, take advantage of the musical deal, and reserve my good seats, I'm going to purchase my full-price tickets NOW and support the MSO.

Hope to see you at the Symphony!

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