Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Whirled Peace" at the USA COE

We celebrated the International Day of Peace in the College of Education at the University of South Alabama with our own first  Pinwheels for Peace art installation.

Not only did Dr. Giles encourage her students in the Early Childhood classes to participate, she brought her sons Jay and Kade to be the first to plant their pinwheels Tuesday morning.

Ms. Jayne Kennedy's students in the Social Studies methods classes participated.
And my many students in Arts in the Elementary School elected to create and participate.

Thanks to all who participated in planting whirled peace! ~Dr. B

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Elo Martin said...

Hello Dr. Baggett,
I was your student in Art for Elementary a couple of semesters ago.

After reading about "Whirled Peace", everything made sense. I have class in the College of Education building and I've seen the whirls and I was wondering what they were. One morning I decided to stop and read some of them.
I think it is wonderful what you do with children, and how you make other people participate such as Jayne Kennedy.

Also doing art with children helps them learn in a different way and it lets them express their emotions and creativity.

Brandi said...

Hi, Dr. Baggett!

I saw your post about the pinwheels when I commented on your previous post about "Studio Days", and learned what it was all about. It was great to see the pinwheels at the College of Education, and to know that our school participated in it! I had you a few semesters ago and enjoyed your class so much. You always take the initiative to get people involved in things that they might not normally would be. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Paige V. Baggett said...

Hi Elo & Brandi,
Thanks for commenting and I'm really glad you found the information on the blog to understand the "whirled peace" meaning :-)