Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Twitterstorm from Chicago & Denver: The Idea

As I learn about Smart Technologies in Chicago and Social Studies/Art Integration at NCSS (National Council for the Social Studies) in Denver over the next two weeks, I plan to stay connected with my students @ Twitter.com

Some of the questions I am exploring with this activity:
Will students sign up and follow my tweets from the conferences?
Will they find the content I add valuable and relevant?
Will they respond and contribute relevant content?
Will they create additional hashtags?
Will they consider Twitter as an effective tool for teaching/learning under these circumstances?
Will they use Twitter as a part of their PLN beyond this exploration?
Will I tweet consistently? Will I tweet valuable, relevant content?
Will I consider this an effective tool for teaching/learning under these circumstances?

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A good place to learn about Twitter is Shelly's Wiki:
Shelly Terrell has a great Twitter Wiki with videos providing explanations, resources, and applications for using Twitter for education. http://weconnect.pbworks.com/Twitter
I use Tweetdeck for hashtag discussions. You can learn more about this at Shelly's wiki too:

(Students, remember I will be using #AED501 and #EDU301 as hashtags for our classes as well as various associated subjects such as #smartart, #recyledart and #puppetry, etc...). We can make more up as we go and explore what others contribute to the discussions. Just be sure to at least use your course number hashtag if your tweet is course related so we can sort conversations by courses.

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Shelly Terrell said...

Thank you Paige for sharing! I love the art resources in your blog! They are so beautiful!