Friday, April 24, 2009

NAEA Connections Across The Bay

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:


Beth said...

Something that really touches home with me is "art helps children learn to say what cannot be said" I feel that students who are very shy and don't have good social skills get therapy through art class. I remember as a child going to art class was something relaxing and easy for me.
I love all of Ricky's "beach" art, that i feel is beach art. I feel that Mobile is unique and his art work just reminds me of this city.

Adrienne Ramsey said...

What an awsome presentation and what was I am sure a wonderful experience. Ricky has such a unique style and inspirational story!

Paige V. Baggett said...

Beth I completely agree; As I work with elementary students, I experience first-hand that "art helps children learn to say what cannot be said" through other modes of communication.

Adrienne, Ricky's uniques style which emphasizes the beauty of our region is an added benefit of his work; as you can imagine, presenting with Ricky, Bonnie and Vicky at the National Art Conference was a joy!